Friday, July 23, 2010

The Battle at "5 Dragons Park"

The few days before we left, we headed to the park for a little family time. If you've ever packed a family to head on an overseas trip, things can get a little stressful right beforehand. At least that's what other people have said. We wanted to end on a positive note, so we headed to the park.

We tried to find a pool that was a little secluded. There was not a single person there when we found this pool. Within 5 minutes, we had this. We happened upon a group of intruders approaching us by land. We had no choice. We had to defend our territory. "Freedom is not FREE!!!" There were men, women and children firing from every direction. They were ducking behind trees, assaulting us from behind. It was intense. But my family held their ground. I say family because I had to document the attack from the shore. And the water was really cold.

Charis thought it was a little cold too, so she swam for a little bit and then found comfort by eating bananas and sitting with mom.

But this little guy was quite the soldier. He would walk straight up to people and pour water on their heads. Unsuspecting victims. He sought out the vulnerable.

It was a fun last day.
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