Friday, July 09, 2010

Pushing away from the dock of fear

For the last month, I have been overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness. It's been relatively chaotic for the last 5 weeks or so, yet the Lord has continued to carry us along in faithfulness and gentleness. I have been moved to tears at very random times (ie, going through the subways in Beijing) at just how clearly He has revealed Himself to me as of late.

This morning I read in Matthew 8 about Jesus calming the storm. The disciples are frantically moving about the boat in fear. Yet, Jesus rests. I love this passage of Scripture because it is such a clear picture of our lack of peace and our idol of fear.

I allow fear to make decisions for me.
I allow fear to prevent me from action and serving others.
I allow fear to make me critical.
I allow fear to make me doubt the Lord's goodness in any given situation.

And yet Jesus sleeps. Why? Because He's not afraid. He's not afraid of outcomes or death or trials of this life. His hope was not founded in earthly terms.

I've been praying that I would have that type of peace. The type that is joyful in persecution and loving to my enemies. My gut reaction is to become bitter and angry and impatient because I am fearful.
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