Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Questions to Ask When Considering Adoption

(from Adoptive Dads)

1. What are my biggest fears regarding adoption?
2. Do/will my close family and friends support my decision to adopt? If not, why?
3. How do I define the concept of family? In other words, what is a family?
4. What personal experience(s) do I have regarding adoption – whether positive or negative?
5. Does adoption seem “normal” to me?
6. If married, does my spouse have the same ideas about adoption?
7. What have I done thus far to educate myself about adoption?
8. What, if anything, do I feel that I would lose or be “giving up” if I choose to adopt?
9. Why do/would I want to adopt?
10. How do I feel about birthparents (i.e., the biological parents of children who are adopted)?
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