Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Big Mak"

Makaria no longer smiles like a sweet, almost 2 year old. Instead, she puts on her "strong" face. When she does her strong face, she shakes her head, bulges her eyes and throws her hands up to her chin. This face has thrown me back to to my WWF days. Yes, I admit that I was very into "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Hulk Hogan", Jake "The Snake", the whole gang. I even watched the cartoon. I'm not ashamed.

This is her WWF "The Sheik" pose. If you know him, then you were just as desperate for entertainment in the late eighties as I was.

We thought of a few other wrestling names for Makaria. Here are a few:

Makaria "Large and in Charge"
"Big Mak Attack"
Makaria "The Tummy"
The Rumbler
Xiao Fei Zhou (it's what some of our kid's friends call Makaria. It translates "Little Africa)

On a much more feminine note, these two skirts are some of the things I have made recently. I like the way they turned out. And no, you may not see the inside or the seams. Let's just sit back, far back, and enjoy how fun they are.
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