Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter 2010

I love Easter. I love that it seems that while marketing has its effect on the holiday, most people understand that we are celebrating Jesus. Getting to tell about the miracle of a man rising from the dead and defeating death. Of a man humbled on a cross and burdened with our sin. Of a man who saved a thief in the last hour. It's a beautiful story and a truth that has changed the world forever.

It's always interesting to try and figure out how to celebrate when your kids are 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. You can't just depend on your own riveting renditions of "Crown Him with Many Crowns". You've got to put a little thought into how you are going to connect with their little hearts. Anyway, here are a few things we did this year.

I took my 6 and 4 year old outside and we looked for crosses. We talked about how we can see evidences of Christ everywhere we go. Sometimes the crosses were easy to spot and other times we had to look carefully and closely. They were amazed at how many we could see.

They took most of these pictures themselves. It was a very satisfying reminder of the evidences of Christ. We also talked about how spring time and the blooming of flowers and trees reminds us of Jesus resurrecting from the dead.

We also made resurrection cookies. It was our first time to try it out. It's fun because it walks you through the Biblical account of the crucifixion as you make the cookies. Each step is represented in part of the story.

Here, the kids are tasting the salt. The salt was representing the tears that Jesus shed.

We put the cookies in the "tomb" for several hours. I'm not gonna lie, the cookies didn't bake right. We don't have a mixer, so beating the egg whites by hand for 30 minutes just didn't work. I got the egg whites to the "good enough" stage and thought it would work. Well, "good enough" wasn't quite good enough.

But we got the point of the cookies and had a wonderful time doing to together. Maybe next year we'll take them to a bakery and have them whip it for us and we can all share in the story together.

Of course we dyed eggs. We put electrical tape of them to make designs. It was fun and easy for little fingers.

We made cookies with friends. Also really fun and easy for little ones.

Makaria pretty much just ate. That's kinda what she does.

We hope you guys had a wonderful Easter. He is Risen!
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