Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why All Christians Are Calvinists (and don't know it)--Last Part

Eternal Security

If you believe in eternal security (which the majority of evangelicals do), then you will need to believe in election. Why? Because if you still have “free will” in the absolute, self-determinative sense, then you could also “change your mind” after you get saved.

[Keep in mind my previous posts---by free will, we’re not merely talking about the ability to choose to do what you want. Everyone agrees with that. That’s not questioned. However, people who use Free Will to resist individual election necessarily/logically mean “libertarian freedom”—which means they can equally choose their WANTS, not just their actions. I think the Bible and logic contradicts this]

If you believe in free will and eternal security, then you are saying that a person could get saved, change their mind, hate God, reject Jesus, and still live forever in heaven with him. OTHERWISE, the believer in free-will has to say that after conversion, God takes away from will such that you can’t change your mind and hate Him. If you believe in free-will (the way most people talk about it), then you can’t say, “True faith won’t change your mind” Why? Because a free will by definition would always be able to choose all options.

Again, one more generally accepted doctrine leads us to accept individual election.
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