Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My new found love for history

I have found a new love for history as I have been teaching my children. We are actually studying history chronologically, starting with creation. We're talking way back. But as things come up ie., Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, an interesting story, a question, or a curiousity, we just dig right into that portion of history. Well, I will tell you that the freeing of African American slaves in American history has captured my heart like I've never experienced in any other study of history.

I'm writing this blog not to recount the amazing men and women involved in the LONG process of getting slavery abolished, but to implore you to research it yourselves. There are some amazing people involved in this journey. A few of our favorites:

William Wilberforce. (I linked his name to 'desiringgod.org' because they have a ton of sermons and resources to look at on his life.) We have tried and tried to figure out how to get the name 'Wilberforce' into one of our kids names because we so deeply admire and want to emmulate the life of William Wilberforce. But unless our child is destined to become an NFL linebacker, 'Wilberforce' might be a little intense.

Wilberforce was also an amazing man of God. The illnesses that he struggled with and yet the way he continue to push people to realize the injustices of slavery. If you haven't seen the movie "Amazing Grace", you need to see it. It will give you a glimpse at his life and his struggles. Brad and I have seen it more than a few times.

Malachi and I just got finished studying the underground railroad, where people like Harriet Tubman helped free tons of slaves. The 'underground railroad' link above will send you to this amazing sight where you can travel as a slave would have as he/she was escaping to Canada. It's narrated, with picture slideshows, pop up info., historical tidbits and more.

Living not long after the abolition of slavery (he was actually born, right at the tailend of slavery, some speculate), came George Washington Carver. This man will cook your noodle. The gifts that God gave him in the area of ingenuity and imagination are incredible. Over a hundred inventions using the peanut. He taught the poverty striken South how to more effectively grow crops and make use of their 'trash' to pull themselves out of poverty. Many attibute him with 'saving' the Civil War torn South. While his fame grew, he remained receiving the same income. He wanted to live simply and continue to serve the poor, desperate farmers of the South. When we read a short biography on him, we were blown away. So find a library, today, and find a book on George Washington Carver. Sit down with your kids and thank God for men like him.
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