Friday, November 20, 2009

My little Scabies Poem

Scabies oh, scabies from where did you come?
We're itching all over, toes to our thumbs.

They are small and pesky, those tiny white mites
With no discretion, our bodies they bite.

The doctors so 'nah, it just looks rashy'
For THAT diagnosis I paid you my cashy?

Oh doctors, oh doctors, you misdiagnosed,
Apparently, you didn't look very close.

The couch has been vaccuumed,
The bathroom's been scrubed
Three days of smearing medicine
Then we're jumpin in the tub.

The sheets are all washed,
The floors have been swept.
Bleach is abounding
And Mommy has wept.

It's been a long week, scabies my friends
But your stay at my house must come to an end.

You see, this week, my husband's been gone
Babies are sick and I've been up til dawn.

So I'm afraid you'll have to take your bags and get packing.
I'm tired of your games and your late night attacking.

I'm tired of your presense, your marks, and your stay
It's zai jian, man zou, good bye and good day!
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