Friday, November 06, 2009

Why All Christians Are Calvinists (and don't know it)--Part 5

Bible’s Inspiration

Do you believe the Bible is God’s word, perfect in every way? We all know that God inspired every single word through human authors. Otherwise, if the Bible is not infallible (without mistake), then we don’t know what is or is not trustworthy. Each letter and book expresses the authors’ own personality yet is kept from error.

However, if God will not overcome human free will (the Arminian idea), then how can we be assured that God protected the perfection of His word? An author might want to say one thing, but God wants something else. According to Arminian assumptions, God cannot overcome the author’s free will to write what he wants. At least, there’s no guarantee of perfection.

If you believe in the Bible’s inspiration, you must inevitably accept God’s sovereignty in election.
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