Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fall crafts

We just finished our pumpkins for fall. We made some of these at Easter and the kids loved doing them. So we brought out the homemade glue and did them again. We'll probably do them again for Thanksgiving too. We're making leaf cookies today and are going to fill them.

We make shifted some cookie cutters out of foil and tape. Then the kids cut around the shapes to make fun leaf shaped cookies. After a while, we abandoned the shapes and made snails, moon, smiley faces and houses.

We invited friends to put frosting and colored sugar on the cookies and eat. They were wonderful. You can make homemade colored sugar by just adding some food coloring to sugar and tossing it around. So next time, don't buy it.

And finally, our paper mache pumpkins. They turned out really cute. We filled them with cookies and gave them away. A great start to fall. I love fall by the way.

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