Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holiday Boycott

I'm holiday worn out. I made Brad a dinner and we had an in house date night for Valentine's Day, but other than that we just skipped it. I'm feeling really overwhelmed with keeping up with Chinese and American holidays. So I'm going to start just skipping them.

It's nice being over here, because we don't have to be bombarded with the signs, commercials and ads reminding us that yet another holiday is coming around and that we are neglectful parents if we don't celebrate, decorate, cook some specific food and lavish our kids with presents. Well, I for one am revolting. I'm tired of the pressure to have perfect holidays. It seems that there's a holiday every 2 weeks. And between birthdays and holidays, I'm just done. We're going to downsize on celebrations this year. I'm just not sure what to skip.

Valentine's day and Halloween are definite skippers for me. And we're going to up the anty for St. Patrick's Day because I like St. Patrick. I figure my kids won't know it's really a minor holiday, so celebrate we will. So if you've got suggestions on holidays to skip, let me know, I want a long list of holidays that I've been given permission to skip.
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