Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charis' 3rd!

We've now got a 3 year old not so little any more girl. We celebrated her birthday both while we were away and again at home.

She got lots of dolls! Including one that came in the mail from our good friends. She was beyond excited to get a package addressed to just HER. She's very loving to her dolls and her little brother, making sure they're ready for bed. Then she sings and prays for them.

She's still afraid of things, including: dogs, cats, hot water and pooping in squatty potties. She's become quite the jokester and most of her knock knock jokes end with a dramatic pause, the word 'poop' and falling over in bellied laughter.

Many of her sentences are half Chinese and half English, so we have to listen really closely to her. And her newest thing is disobeying in Chinese. Yesterday, I heard her say to Malachi "I don't like you", but she said it in Chinese. So I corrected her and said, "Charis, you may not say 'I don't like you' to your brother." She replied "I didn't mommy, I said 'wo bu xi huan ni' (that means "i don't like you" in Chinese). So I had to correct her in Chinese and she changed her attitude.

We put a candle on the pizza instead of cake. At home, we have a tradition that the birthday person gets to pick the meal. Then we share what things we love about that person. She's so cuddly and loves to play. She loves to be a part of the group and make sure everyone is comfortable and taken care of. She's a wonderful girl....Happy Birthday!!!

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