Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The (Twisted) Anatomy of Amercian Evangelism

Have you ever thought of the contemporary American "style" of evangelism?

Basically, the main goal that people have in conversation tends to be to GET THEM TO CHURCH. We'll feel like we've done our job if we at least get them thinking about going to a church. Besides the fact that this encourages a "religious" or institution mentality, it doesn't get people to Jesus.

It is assumed that the church will give them Jesus (You know what happens when as assume?) However, so many churches these days are more focused on "seekers", on performance, and very general and light messages that again no one hears much about Jesus. Church might heighten someone's sense of conscience, but struggles ot preach the gospel. If people were actually to talk about the essentials of the gospel (sin, judgment, genuine faith means obedience, Christ is the ONLY way to the Father...), tons of people wouldn't come to church.

It is assumed people will hear the gospel in a small group (IF THEY JOIN ONE...another assumption). Then we return to the cycle of people not personally sharing the gospel. After all, it is assumed if you're in a small group that you might be a Christian. Perhaps, they claim to be so. THEN, it's awkward to challenge that profession despite their contrary life and understanding.

If we would be more intentional to personally share the good news rather than passing the buck to some sermon, we could break this cycle and see people know Jesus. I plead: Let us not be ashamed of the gospel.

A good recent book is Mark Dever's "The Gospel & Personal Evangelism".
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