Thursday, January 01, 2009

"The Roots of Endurance"

Paragraph 3 of this book and I had to stop and blog already.  

"There is a mind-set in the prosperous West that we deserve pain-free, trouble-free existence.  When life deals us the opposite, we have a right not only to blame somebody or some system and to feel sorry for ourselves, but also to devote most of our time to coping, so that we have no time or energy left over for serving others."   

"This mind-set gives a trajectory to a life that is almost universal-namely, away from stress and toward comfort and safety and relief.  Then churches grow up in this mind-set, and it never occurs to anyone in such a community of believers that choosing discomfort, stress, and danger might be the right thing-even the normal, biblical thing-to do."

I have lived for so long in the idea that I DESERVE comfort and safety.  The problem with that, is that you just don't see the faithful people in Scripture living that kind of life.  If I want to see a BIG God, I have to be willing to put away my small ideas about Him and step out into discomfort and worldly insecurity.  And instead see my comfort and safety in any given day as a momentary Grace.
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