Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years Performance 2009

So, the kids had their annual New Years performance on Friday. As many of you know, that usually brings an interesting post and many black mail photos. This year was actually pretty tame. My only hope was that Malachi would actually wear more than his underwear this time. Here's Charis and Malachi getting ready.

I had to use a little ice cream bribe, but she eventually up there on stage. Her entire class was crying the entire time.

Malachi, all ready to go.

Charis' class was so cute. They jumped up and down and shook those shiny things on their wrists. Charis jumped and jumped and jumped. She was fantastic!

Malachi had a kong fu performance. He calls it "Hiya" because they kick, punch and say 'hiya' the whole time. It was a great show and he did awesome. At the end was a Tai Chi wind down.

He had one costume change and ended the show with a tribute to the Sichuan earthquake victims. He and his classmates sang their little hearts out. I was really proud of both of our kids.

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