Friday, October 17, 2008

Young Pioneers

The last couple of weeks, at Selah's school, they have started the "Red Scarf" campaign. Basically, it breeds the smartest kids in each class to be leaders. The idea is that you identify them now and they will be leaders of the Communist Party in the future. They have to memorize certain propaganda statements, march in line every monday morning and recite certain slogans.

Well, a lot of Selah's friends at school now wear these red scarves around their necks to school because they are being groomed for the Party. Selah said that one of her friends told her that Selah would NEVER be allowed to do this. She got her feelings hurt and was really sad at being left out. That day, we had a friend eating with us, so we talked about it as a group. She exclaimed that because she was not Chinese, she would not be allowed to join the Party.

"But Mommy, I don't understand, it's not fair that I cannot join the Party. It makes no sense!"

We had a little discussion on international politics and came to a good resolution. So to help the grandparents sleep easily tonight, the only party our kids will be attending will have cake and noisy balloon games.
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