Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why 2 Blogs on "Free Will"?

What an irrelevant question to life huh? “That’s for pastors and theologians to quarrel about,” you might be thinking.

In fact, one’s view of “free will” may undermine the gospel of grace, steal one’s joy in Christ, and dull one’s ability to read Scripture. Ergo, it’s very relevant.


Actually, this is one of the most relevant and least discussed topics in the normal Christian’s life. Those who argue for “Free Will” rarely can define it and explain without contradiction what they mean. So, we’re committing two forthcoming blogs to the topic. We find few people willing to talk about the topic basically, as we can tell, because they don’t understand what is at stake. Positions have been assumed and people don’t know how to live without these certain assumptions.


The coming blogs hope to show why the “Free Will” argument, if taken to its logical ends, can lead to grave consequences. Everyone says we have “free will”. We want to show that “free will” is an empty term that needlessly confuses people and hinders Biblical truth. We know some people just like the funny cultural stories or the kids’ anecdotes, but we hope you’ll consider reading these blogs as well.

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