Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adoption Start

Well, we've got BIG news....we're officially starting the process for adopting a sweet baby from ETHIOPIA!  

We have more thoughts than I can put in one blog.  We basically wanted to update everyone on where we were at in the process.  We are still at the very beginning stages, and could still be denied somewhere in the process.  But we are hopeful and excited.  It basically came down to a special needs Chinese baby or an Ethiopian baby.  After much prayer and conversation, we decided that we just couldn't take a care of most special needs because of life circumstances.  Some of the special needs are really minor, but it is just hard to know when those babies will be available.  And on the positive, we both felt really at peace and excited about the idea of adopting an Ethiopian baby.  Right now, they are experiencing a pretty bad drought, which reminded us of the urgency of help in these sweet child's lives.  

We've been listening to adoption sermons lately and will share some of those reflections in the days and weeks to come.  

This is one of the BIGGEST faith leaps we have taken as a couple and as a family.  And with the stock market the way it is, finances are looking grim.  But that doesn't change the situation in our future baby's life.  He/She still needs a home, a family, brothers and sisters, and a picture of Jesus' love for him or her.  

We aren't sure how we are going to afford this, but we know that GOD is FAITHFUL.  We have seen Him do such amazing things in our lives, that we are sleeping well at night, knowing that He will make a way.  

We'll share more as we know more.  Right now, we are scheduled for a home study in late November.  They will interview us and take a look at our home and family to make sure it's a good environment for them to come in to.  

Ok, that's it for now.  Rejoice and pray with us as we start this journey!!!

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