Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Torch Relay

So we went to watch the torch come by our apartment today. Well, maybe "watch" is a bit of an overstatement. We had some insider information, so we knew that we wouldn't actually see much. Only VIP's and movie stars and government officials were actually allowed to WATCH the torch. They are so scared of wackos doing something. Here's a journal chronicling this historic event.

We saw our fair share of cops and soldiers and security guards and volunteers though. And they were all quite pleasant.

And we got to see big army trucks, cop cars, ambulances and the black government official's cars. We thought maybe we mixed up the torch relay with the transporting of nuclear materials, but alas...

the torch. Well, kinda. There are 220 torches. Each person got to run 35 meters with it and then hand it off. And these torches aren't actually lit. And these two weren't actually running, but riding in a car. So the torch wasn't a torch, and the relay wasn't a relay. For those old Saturday Night Live fans, it was like an episode of Coffee Talk "The torch relay was neither a torch, nor a amongst yourselves." Ahhh, just how I imagined it when I was a wee girl.

But we did get to cheer when our friend came by in a black, unmarked car. At least we got to give a shout for something!

The other highlight was watching this couple run off with some herbs they took from somebody else's garden.

This picture of the kids sums up our morning. Poor kids were so confused. "I thought we were watching the torch!" "Is it over?!" "Mommy, I didn't see anything!"

But on a more exciting note, a friend gave us soccer match tickets last week. It was a scrimmage between the New Zealand and Chinese woman's soccer teams. The stadium was packed. It was kind of a trial run for the Games. We took Selah and Malachi and we had a blast. When the game was over (China won!), we saw this guy. Can you imagine being that tall? I felt bad for him though, tons of people were taking pictures of him. It was weird seeing people do that to someone else besides our family. And that sash around him is an advertisement. That's his job, he walks around as "the abnormally tall guy" and advertises for companies.

This was the kids first big sporting event. We got the balloon clapping things, ice cream, drinks and had a blast. Only a few more days to go until it's "One World, One Dream" time. Happy Olympics to all.
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