Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beach Pics

We took a little jaunt over to three islands. We rode in a huge boat and stopped some to snorkel and swim. I have consistent nightmares involving my child and water, so this trip scared me half to death. These are morbid dreams, like having to choose which one to save from drowning. It's awful. But I sucked it up and we went (albeit with life vests on)

Here's Malachi with the fish. The kids actually caught some in plastic bags. We played with crabs and fish and met some groups visiting from China.

Here's Selah and her hair braided. It's a big thing to do in Thailand and she's always wanted to get it done. She's was beautiful.

Here's the whole gang. I think we intimidated most restaurants as we came wandering in. We had a wonderful time with our friends. They are really a blessing to our family.

Here's Charis getting her toes painted in a feisty blue color. She was also quite the glamour girl. It's low season in Thailand right now, so this lady is a manager and came in and painted all the girls toenails for free. It was supposed to be rainy season, but it only rained one and a half afternoons. The rest was beautiful. God is good.

Inside our hotel lobby. The Thai's do a wonderful job of peaceful decor.

Here's my little buddy. He loved the sand. He even liked to sit in next to the surf and play in the sand and water. He was so fun to watch.

That's it for now. Enjoy the pics.
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