Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meditations on Hosea

Reading through Hosea and Song of Solomon these days. Quite a contrast

God calls His people adulterous whores. How’s that for name calling.


So I began thinking, how are we, his people, like Israel. Like Israel, we have a lust for Bible knowledge and attention from other people but without obedience. We in fact use our Christian walks to gain other people’s approval or get access to a social group. SO I’ve composed a few ways we may act like unfaithful Israel in Hosea:


Keeping in mind that God’s word is his intimate revelation of himself,

1) learning a lot of theology without obedience is like being addicted to pornography….no relationship, trust, or intimacy.

2) Flaunting what we know (simply for the sake of others’ admiration) is like publically celebrating one’s sex life other public consumption.

3) Keeping a checklist of our spiritual deeds (quiet times, donations, church visits, other good deeds) is like a guy I once met who literally keep a tally on his wall every time he has an “interaction” with his girlfriend. Disgusting!

4) When we use our faith for public acceptance in any way, we act like a pimp, selling God’s revelation for the sake of our own gain.


The imagery may be crude, but it is Biblical and worth our full consideration. May we be disgusted with disobedience and spiritual casualness in ourselves.


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