Sunday, July 27, 2008

This whole facebook thing

So this whole facebook thing is new to us. Yep, we're old, homeschooling, living overseas and just plain nerds. We waited for a long time to see if this trend is gonna stick for awhile, and apparently it has and will. We're always very skeptical on these trendy things. We're always the last ones to jump on bandwagons. But I think cell phones and laptops are here to stay for a little while at least. So opened an account. Honestly, it feels a little narcisitic and self-centered. Kinda feels like the jr. high student council nominations for president. You really voted for the most popular person in class. Or at least the one's with the raddest neon signs.

So we hicked up our loafers and jumped on the ole facebook bandwagon. See ya there!

Oh ya, if any of you have any tips, they would be much appreciated.

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