Friday, May 02, 2008

Some Feedback

A conversation with a person's kid can reveal a lot about them.

We just asked the older kids, "Does anyone know Kesed's full name?" Selah said, "I do. Kesed Edwards..." We then asked, "Do you know what his name means?" Here are her guesses, in order:

1. A book in the Bible (nope)
2. John Piper's wife (nope)
3. John Piper (nope)
4. One of the books you read (no, but your getting closer)
5. Someone from history (you got it! Jonathan Edwards)

What do we learn from this....our family loves the Bible, listens to a lot of Piper sermons, and likes to particular things about history.

Talking to kids is always revealing. If these are the things she is learning to love from us (the Bible, good theological teaching, and reading),...we'll take it.
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