Thursday, May 22, 2008

low lying stress

It's been quite a month. Most of you know the family junk we've been
going through. Visas, adoption, hand foot and mouth disease, our
closest friends having to leave, etc. And then the struggles our
country is experiencing with the earthquake and neighboring country's
cyclone. I just read about Steven Curtis Chapman's loss. There's
been this perpetual pit in my stomach all week. Brad and I have been
talking about the fact that as believers, there will usually be a low
level amount of stress and sadness in our lives. If we are deeply
concerned about those around us, there will be sadness. If we are
burdened for the decisions friends are making, there will be stress.
If we are living faithfully and boldly, there will be struggles and

But as this sadness has been stirred up this week, we are reminded
that there is Someone who is never shaken. There is Someone who is
not surprised when earthquakes shake and children's lives are
abruptly ended. There is Someone who offers us flickers of hope
amidst many dark days in a row. There is someone who sees the end of
the struggle and marvels at the goodness of it all. Our view is
tainted by limited understanding, His is crystal clear with wisdom
and goodness. Our eyes are small and humanly, His are magnificent
and heavenly.

And for that...and that alone....I am grateful.

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