Sunday, May 11, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster-take 2 & 3

Monday was just not a good day.  It wasn't a good culture day, mom day, homeschool day, language student day.  It was one of those days that you beg for the clock to be wrong when it says it's only 2 in the afternoon.  I was outside and was having a nice chat with some women.  Then they started to criticize me for our parenting.  This is fairly normal here and I try to just ignore it.  But then the "bird lady" (that's our family name for her because she raises birds) came outside.  She breathes criticism.  I usually  just smile and nod and keep walking.  But she came out and stood with the other two woman.  They all turned their backs on me and continued to criticize me and my parenting.  Then the bird lady walks over to me and criticizes me about how fat I am and what a bad mom I am....yada, yada, yada.  She told me I was too skinny a few months ago. She's just never pleased.

 Anyway, I couldn't take it, collected my kids, came inside and just cried.  

That was monday. 

Tues. was "emotional roller coaster-take 1" that you can read below.  

And also on Monday, we found out about a sweet little girl who has essentially been abandoned by her mom and given to our former nanny (the one that cut Charis' hair).  My tutor lives with our former nanny, so we've been processing things with her all week.  The young mom is a prostitute with no other job.  This poor child only  likes to be in public with lots of noise and commotion.  When she was first dropped off, she just stood by the wall with her feet together and hands folded with her head down. 

The grandparents have lost face because the mother gave birth out of wedlock and so they refuse to help.  The boyfriend owns a business downtown, but refuses to help.  

 She is about 22 months old.  We went over there this morning to play with her and she is absolutely precious.  We've been giving her food, clothes, toys and whatever we can to help.  But it just seems so trite.  

  Our nanny is a wonderful woman, but also has no money.  Just last month, she had a minor stroke.  So at any moment, this little girl could be left alone.  And they don't even let our tutor cook because it takes up too much electricity.

So if you think of her this week, please think of Yue Yue and her mom.  Ideally, the mom reforms her life and picks up her little girl again.  We need wisdom as to how to best help.  

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