Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Roger Clemens and the lack of decency in our society

Honestly, something is beyond broken when people get such thrills in assuming a person is guilty rather than innocent when the person has been nothing but a class act throughout his career. Roger Clemens is right,… how in the world would he prove a negative anyway, that is, “That he did NOT take steroids”? It’s an impossible charge to defend. Yet, bored, gossip hungry people feed this story on the basis of an accuser with thus far no proof.


The media is so manipulative. They’re manipulating this story and the political campaign. Every time on person gets up in the polls, a week follows of negative stories in order that the field will be leveled to make a better news story.


It’s easy to chide “the media”, but how often do we not give others the benefit of the doubt simply because we hear this or that. How many of us say, “They say…” when really this phrase is a cover for “I think….”

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