Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Few Last Things

We're gonna be out of pocket for a couple of weeks, so updating might be scarce. But I leave you with 1 arbitrary parent rule and 1 Malachi-ism.

Malachi's Chinese name is Fan Yong Qiang. It means 'brave' and 'strong'. He very often says "I'm brave and strong because I'm Fan Yong Qiang" (in chinese, the word 'qiang' rythms with the english word 'strong') Brad and I joke that his Chinese name is also his super hero name because he uses it when trying to achieve super human things, like getting up onto the counter. Well, we left the house at 5 am this morning. He was pulling a suitcase and told Brad "I'm brave and strong, I'm Fan Yong Qiang....but this is too heavy. The brave doesn't help me very much right now." It added some much needed humor to our mornings activities.

My arbitrary parent rule that I found coming out of my mouth the other day was..."No, Charis, you can't put glue on your French toast."

Kids are a beautiful reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.

We'll do our best to give some updates while we're away, but no promises as to the internet availability.
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