Friday, January 18, 2008

I Promise We Love our Kids

Ok, so here it goes...Spring Festival Children's Performance.  I promise that my camera is not just filled with wedding day blackmail pictures.  And I also promise that we do indeed love our children, despite what we subject them to once every semester at kindergarten.  

This one went much better than the last.  Malachi actually danced as if he was enjoying himself.  He even showed me "his moves" at home once or twice.  I'm not sure why he's 2/2 in having to strip down to his skyvies for his performaces, but he is.  This time it was a towel and underwear (as opposed to his plastic see thru bag from last time) and of course a good slathering of make-up.  Not too sure about Selah's costume here.  Little Bo Peep heads East.

It was crowded and smokey and exhausting and wonderful.  Malachi danced around like a champ and Selah was on cloud 9.  She absolutely loves the whole dress up, put bright make-up on and strut your stuff on stage type of events.  She actually had 3 costume changes throughout the performance.  

She's become quite the animated girl.  Full of emotion and enthusiasm.  Most of the time it's a wonderful trait. :)   So I'm not sure why my font is now blue, but we'll just enjoy the quirk for now.  I've got more to worry about at this stage in life than font colors.
Then they had some of the parents play a game where the mother tried to keep a feather in the air by blowing on it, while the father tried to button a shirt that was put on over her clothes.  We had a great time.  I've had a few conversations with friends about the fact that if a teacher put make up on their boy students in the states, most fathers would have some choice words for those teachers.  Not so much here....obviously.

This last picture is of her solo.  She and a boy sang a solo together.  Her Chinese has gotten stellar and she did a fantastic job.  Malachi's Chinese has also gotten really, really good.  It's fun to see them on their own turf. I was proud of both of them.  These are the character building events we all talk about when they are older, right?!  
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