Thursday, January 10, 2008

Providence over hair

Since there's a hair theme to our lives here of late, I will disclose our latest hair debacle. As most of you know, Charis goes to a baby sitter every morning while Brad and I are in language class. She's been wonderful. We've had her and her family over several times and had a great time with them all. We've only had to guide her on a few things such as don't feed Charis ice cream everyday and don't let her nap in the mornings. We've really been fairly loose with our instructions to her.

So Monday, Brad goes to pick up Charis and discovers this:

She has cut Charis' hair with no prior permission granted. Brad didn't say anything at the time, wanting to make sure I didn't cut it or something. I hadn't touched it. So we had a friend call her and tell her that we did not want her cutting Charis' hair. It was a breach of trust and this is something we need to give permission to, not done on her own volition. We weren't harsh with her, just clear. Our friend spoke to the girl who lives with her and then the message got passed along. Because we were not sure that the message got to her (because we were working through a friend talking to a friend, talking to her), we decided to call the girl that lives with her to make sure the message got to her.

In the end, that night she came over really upset and offended and said she quit. After an hour and a half of discussion and apologies, she didn't change her mind. She says that because we called twice, it showed that we didn't trust or appreciate her. There were lots of tears and no forgiveness from her whatsoever. We told her we have learned a cultural lesson (we really did want to understand what we did wrong) and still wanted her to watch Charis. She would have none of it. Her pride was hurt.

So that night, we went to bed, laying this out before our Father. The next day, a friend and I went to Selah and Malachi's school to ask about Charis starting. Previously we have been told that she had to be able to use the potty before attending. Well, the principal informed us that there's a class for small babies where they help them learn to use the potty. So after Chinese New Year, she will start to attend kindergarten. We are thrilled because now she can have more kid interaction and learn the discipline of being in a class structure along with more great language practice.

Again, we are rejoicing at the Providence of His will over ours. He works all for the good of those who love Him.
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