Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting Stitches in China

For the third time this year we had to head to the doctor for stitches today...This time Malachi (x2 this year).

After practicing his best Pete Rose face first slide into a flower pot, we rushed to a local hospital. Fortunately, a good Chinese friend lives nearby to help. After the emergency room said they wouldn't or couldn't help us, Malachi and I (Brad) were directed to another building across the street. Once there and up to the second floor, they said they couldn't help us either. Go to the 4th floor, they said. With no elevator, that means carry the 40 pound sack of potatoes up 2 more flights of stairs. Since the building is under construction, we walked (I walked, he laid) about 50+ yards and found some elevators! GRACE!! 

So as we wait for the elevator, I marvel that I am staring at a "No Spitting" sign while surrounded (in a hospital) by a swarm of smokers. Hmmm. Anyway, after we then get directed down to the first floor to the ear, nose and throat doctor. we are redirected again to another office in another building. Meanwhile, I'm dog tired and tell our friend to find the office we need to go to while Malachi and I wait (she didn't even know where to go next). Then it hit me, I've got a kid with a huge gash across his face near his eye, but we're sitting outside the hospital, near a construction site, sitting on the ground, Malachi has not shoes or shirt (due to the rush). "Why won't anyone help us!!!? Or at least have us sit somewhere inside the hospital?!!" Well, since it's Sunday, of course, no doctors are scheduled to come in today in the office and they can't be called in either. We return to the ear, nose, and throat guy to get the stitches on Malachi's cheek.

After holding done the strongest 3 year old since Samson, they put the "wine" on his face (alcohol), and did the repair. I was then advised Malachi would need an IV (yes, i v)  all week. Nope, we'll pass. (They are very IV crazy here). We were blessed through. Although, as Malachi told me, "they did bad things to me", I think his face was taken care of ok.

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