Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Peculiar Topics during Language Learning

So this morning, Brad and I talked about all the 'off topic' topics we had covered this week. Our curriculum has us doing the usual vocabulary about the post office, buying things, taking a train, etc. But we enjoy getting to have 'free talks' with our tutors and get us a little of subject at times. Here's a quick glance at the assortment of topics we've covered in the last week:

Our horrible treatment of the elderly in America
Dog fighting
How there are more laws to obey in America than here in China
Death penalty and the methods used (guns, electric chair, lethal injection)
Calcium and Zinc needs
There is very little 'American' food
The main thing American likes to import are foreigners
How to communicate Paul's usage of the word 'dung'
Irrigation issues facing China
There is no 'fee' to pay for 'extra' children anywhere else in the world
today, we had a conversation going from pizza to Americans killing Indians in history

And I'm telling you, I could go on forever. We got to laughing about the crazy topics we had both covered. And then we were encouraged that for the most part, we could do these in Chinese!
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