Thursday, April 04, 2013

Us Lately.

I'm working on margin. I've said 'yes' to others while saying, "Um, no time for that," to my kids and husband. Hence the lack of updatey type of blogs. So I'm cramming several months into one post. It's all about pacifying blog guilt. 

We will start in Jan. with the birthday of my second oldest. Every good celebration involves silly string. And velveeta cheese. Living where we do, silly string is in abundance because it's sprayed on brides as they get out of the car. Velveeta is not. Moment of silence.

We also celebrated my #3. These two little people pretty much rock my world. Malachi is introspective, thoughtful, a thinker, has a strong sense of justice, and loves playing with little kids. Charis is silly, gentle, free-spirited, compassionate and always roots for the underdog. 

 She requested homemade donuts for her birthday meal. I'm not a big donut fan, but I wanted to name my next kid after this recipe. And yes, that's after the realization that I'd have a kid named "Chocolate Donut." They were that good.


A friend who lived in our city for 6 months sent us an awesome package. Because he had lived here before, he totally understood our need for good coffee and chocolate that didn't taste like a crayon. 

I had hair issues. I had to travel to Hong Kong in order to pick up my daughter's ADHD meds. In China, they will give you 7 days of ADHD meds at a time. After that, it's back to the hospital to get re-evaluated. Because you might have heard of my love for Chinese hospitals, this is a non-option. While there, I forwent the hair cut and decided on a body wave instead. They are cheap and allow me to do something with my hair other than put it in a clip. Everyday.

I was waiting for friends to join us for an Easter egg hunt. I decided to try those non-smiling pictures. Others seem to take these types of pictures and look wise, pensive, thoughtful, contemplative. I look like I'm trying to keep bodily functions from escaping in public.

This family that we did our vacation time with joined us for a few days. It is beyond humorous to walk in public with them in China. People assume we're an international school on a field trip. 

We got to hang with some wonderful college students and do a little Easter discussion. It was super fun. 

Anyway, there's the debrief of our last few months. I've got some great link-ups that I'm wanting to share. I'll get to that in the next week or so...hopefully.

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