Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thailand Vacay

I'm not even going to commentate on all of these because there are 27 pictures. Just know that anytime you give me awesome women, thailand, and a croc wearing Spider-Man, that a good time was had. 

Can you read the tired all over my face? I traveled with the kids by myself and decided it was a good idea to do the dentist and immunizations for all of them before Daddy got there. Hence the fatigue and the 30 oz. Thai milk tea I'm about to consume. 

This was Makaria's first time at the beach. The sand freaked her out at first, but she is in love with the water. This girl swam from dawn to dusk. 

At some point before college, I'm going to have to break it to Kesed that people in America don't wear swim caps. Ever.

This was the eating area. It was 15 seconds from the beach. Perfect.

Our sweet friend broke her arm the night before we left for vacation. She was a trooper though. 

We love this family. I love sitting around the dinner table with them, thankful that their kids are in my kid's lives. The same goes with the parents. We just love them.

The only time we left the resort was to take a trip around the islands. Monkey Island was the first stop. 
These monkeys freaked me out. A friend told me about a random strain of hepatitis that we were sure to contract, so already I was panicky about them jumping on us. 

When you have a child who's afro requires gel, the attacking monkeys will try to eat her scalp. I was not ready for that. 

They all thought it was hilarious and asked to do it again. Everyone...except for me.

This is the most relaxed position I've seen him in for a long time. It's a "post PhD" pose.

We have vacationed with this family several times and every time we walk away refreshed, encouraged, and excited about the Lord. And I will say, vacationing with another family is a gamble. But with these guys it's a good choice every time. 

And I leave you with this. Do I not look totally thrilled to be wearing a muddy, hepatitis carrying, greedy little monkey. Thrilled. To. No. End.

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