Friday, June 08, 2012

Iphone photos and a ridiculous potato analogy

Parenting is like a potato.

You start out fairly round, clean, and firm. Then you birth children. The first one maybe changes your potato shape, but you are still clearly a potato. The more children you birth, the more these random green shoots start appearing. Each one is unique and holds it own place on the potato. No longer do you look like a potato, but rather a monkey gym for overgrowth. But as you look closer, each shoot is different from the others. They all stem from the same potato, yet they all seem so different. How does it happen that under the same roof, 5 distinct personalities emerge?

Playing the part of Bono: Kesed age 4

There is more to those eyes than just seeing: Makaria age 3

"Mom, if I could spend 5 hours inside reading, it would be the best day of my life!" Malachi age 8

My old soul. She belongs in a Jane Austen novel. Selah age 10. 

Free spirited and thoughtful.  Charis age 6. 

As for the potato analogy, I am sorry. It is late and I should not be writing on anything public. Not even on a bathroom wall.
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