Friday, June 01, 2012

Fruit Fly Invasion-Take 2

(This was the most benign picture of a fruit fly I could find. All the other ones make you start to itch like you have a sudden onset of leprosy.)

Ok, so the post I did where I claimed victory over my little fruit fly invasion? Well, it seems as if they were simply laying low for a late night guerilla warfare attack. The next morning I woke up to another swarm of them partying like it's 1999 over my kitchen table. You see, these little flies exist only to frustrate mothers whose husbands are currently out of town. 

I was trying to be a good parent and explain to my children the beauties of creation, when this little infestation threw a wrench in my sanity and my poetry. See, I can think of no reason that fruit flies exist. When this happens to me, I resort to the "Well, frogs eat them and God created hungry frogs." Clearly I am saying to my children, "I have no idea, so let's just make something up because I know that God does everything for a purpose." 

Fruit flies seem just as arbitrary as Paprika.

We have set more traps. The problem now is that we are in some type of reproductive cycle with our little visitors and I am stuck explaining why all these flies are giving piggy back rides to their friends. My husband is in for quite the surprise when he comes home. 

I have mustered up Katniss Everdeen type determination against these things. It's like they are flying around mocking my efforts and yelling to their friends, "Hey guys come look at the crazy lady swatting her slipper on the bookshelf 87 times a day!" 

And now I'm mad. 
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