Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Telling Fear to Move Over

This is a post specifically to women. I am tired of fear. I see it in myself and I see it in the hollow-eyes of strangers. Fear is something that strangles women and leaves us grasping for breath in the everyday.

Fear that we will fail.

Fear that someone won't like us. Or that people are all pretending they like us and then use our names in front of the phrase, "Bless her heart."

Fear that we won't measure up.

Fear that our kids will grow up to resent us. Or maybe worse...resemble us.

Fear that one day people will see through our facade of self-sufficiency.

There are hundreds that could be listed here. These fears lurk like a stray cat in our minds as we restlessly try to sleep at night. They crawl into our conversations about how our kids are doing in school. They leap into our laps as we dream of pursuing a new hobby. They claw at us as we look at other moms who have it all together on their crafty little blogs.

All of these create a chaos in our minds that keep us inactive. We are trying so hard to pacify each of these fears that dreams and callings cannot be heard over all of it. I have talked to dozens of women who feel called to do something and yet find every reason under the sun to talk themselves out of it.

I want to exhort to you that if God is calling you to something today, do it.
Don't look at your watch and wonder if you have time. God will take care of those minutes.

Don't think of what your parents will say. God will be a gracious Father to you in times of uncertainty.

Don't assume that just because you studied something in college that it means you are actually called to use that degree directly.

Don't think that just because you are single that God wouldn't call you to live overseas.

Don't reason that God owes it to us to do things that make rational sense.

Decisions made in fear will be wrapped in either guilt or self-sufficiency. Jesus frees us from this bondage. Remember good 'ol 2 Tim. 1:7? God gives us a spirit of POWER, LOVE, and SELF-CONTROL. I find it interesting that none of those things can be done while living under fear. At least they won't be done well.

If the Lord is calling us to do something radical today, then we need to trust that He will meet us at the other side of it all. He is that big. He is that able. So go and do it.
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