Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthdays and a New Year

In my mind I'm organized, contemplative and I sing like Sara Groves. In reality, I do none of these well. That is why this post will contain 3 celebrations, a few of them rather tardy in nature. 

We celebrated Selah's birthday in Thailand with my parents and my sister's family. She has become an amazing girl that leaves her Dad and I proud to call her our daughter. She is thoughtful, giving, responsible and compassionate. I love seeing the fruit of the Spirit growing and bringing life to those around her. She turned 10 this year and from this point forward we will work backwards. Next year is 9. This makes me feel much better about the whole thing. 

This little dude just turned 8. Dad is out of town, so we laid low and ate pizza while watching old school "Parent Trap." He is passionate, analytical, caring, creative and convicted. Watching this little guy think through things in Scripture and come to conclusions that glorify the Lord is both humbling and encouraging. 

It's Chinese New Year around these parts. It's fun to see every one decorating their houses and eating dumplings all day long. We won't be here for the festivities and what that means is no 2 a.m. firework wake up calls. Bummer for us. But this is the year of the dragon. It is my year (each birth year is represented by an animal and it rotates every 12 years), so I'm thinking good things will happen. Or maybe just that I will be able to buy a little stuffed dragon at the store all year round. Either way Happy New Year! 


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