Friday, September 09, 2011

The Path of Civility

As some of you know, we were visited by two patrol ladies last week to make sure we were being civilized.  They explained their mission and gave us fans.  On these fans gave 10 ways you can be a civilized human being.  

Check yourselves against these suggestions.  You just might be surprised at how non-civilized you've become.

1.  Don't just spit anywhere.

2.  Don't throw your fruit skins or paper scraps on the ground.

3.  Don't throw your trash away in a messy fashion.

4.  Don't destroy public property.

5.  Don't damage the grass.

6.  Don't run red lights.

7.  Don't put your vending carts all over the place.

8.  Don't paste advertisements anywhere and everywhere.

9.  Don't smoke in public places.

10.  If you are in the service industry (ie, waitresses or retail), you shouldn't say things like "I don't know!"  Or "Go ask someone else!"

On the back of the fans, they gave some advice about procreation.  Why not?

The procreation rules are as follows:

1.  Be free to love and marry whomever you want.

2.  Having a boyfriend/girlfriend too young is a bad idea.  Having a relationship once you are older and more mature is much better.

3.  Decide to have babies when you are not too old, but not too young.  And...decide to have less kids.  

4.  Having a boy and a girl are both good options.  Girls also have the right to exist and pass along the family name.

5.  The one child policy is the responsibility of the husband.

6.  Give babies good health; feed them well; and teach them well.  These things will help us have a quality population.  And...if you have too many kids, you can't care for them.

7.  Men and women are equal.  You should treat women with respect.

8.  Care about yourself and don't get an STD.

9.  Pursue a good quality of life.

10.  Have a healthy lifestyle and admire your family's morals. 

Just follow the advice of the fan and all will go well with you.  I think this is some famous Chinese proverb from somewhere. Actually, these things do give good cultural insights into what they deem as moral and civil.  This month is the civility competition month between various cities, thus the women on patrol and the policemen actually handing out tickets.

The ladies came once last week and again a few night ago.  So weird that they came twice.  I feel like we are the definition of civility.
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