Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nothing Much

So, here we sit. We're about a week out of flying to the States. I feel like my brain is stuck in May. But alas, it is June. And I'm having blogger guilt. We haven't posted in a while and my creative side is on vacation. So if in doubt, post pictures.

We had a wonderful group of friends come into town last week. I love getting to hear people's take on life here. This group of people encouraged our hearts and ministered to our lives in a deep way. We felt very refreshed. And it wasn't just because they brought 16 bags of coffee with them.

We are in the process of not only packing to head to the States for a few months, but packing to move. We disassembled our bathtub and beds, have taken stuff off the walls and packed most of our earthly belongings already. While I was packing one morning, the girls were playing in the bathtub. With umbrellas.

I'm not sure how much posting will happen in the next week or so, but prepare yourselves for much commentating over the next few months as we hit the ground in the US of A.
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