Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our 2 Days Away

Brad and I went away to Beijing for 2 days!

Two whole days of sleeping in until 7, drinking coffee as a luxury and not a drug induced way to stay awake after lunch, and walking around aimlessly with no responsibilities and no purpose. In our youth, our getaway would have been non-stop activities. We would have woken up early, pushed ourselves all day, eaten Mexican food and then crashed. We have grown up and grown old all in one fail swoop. So now we sit and read. We walk, we still eat Mexican food and then we talk. We people watch and read some more. I usually do more of the people watching and commentating and Brad does more of the reading. But by sitting with him while he reads, I just feel smarter. So that's an added bonus.

We went to an art district that we've been spying out for a few years. It's called 798. The area is an old built out factory. They have turned all these factories into individual galleries and cafes. They have even kept some of the machinery and signs, which I loved. It was amazing to see the paradox of the factories and photography displays. They have a few artists each month who are on exhibition and then lots of staple smaller museums/shops.

We ate at this wonderful little cafe. The walls were covered with Andy Warhol pictures of when he visited China. I couldn't resist taking a picture with big Andy.

I also couldn't resist the picture of the police doing his patrol around the art district.

My favorite part of this courtyard filled with sculptures was the beautiful display the Lord gave us with the blue skies.

Here's the typical "riding on wolverine with cell phone in hand" shot.

We had a great time! It was so much fun to catch up, pray together, eat slowly and just relax. Thanks DY!
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