Monday, February 08, 2010

Charis' 4th!

Happy Birthday, Charis!

My baby is 4. And as Charis has discovered: the world is full of possibilities simply "because I'm four." She can do better devotional time....'because I'm four'. She can serve her own food....'because I am four.' The possibilities are endless. When we left the States this last time, she was only 1. So most of our friends in America have yet to get to know her. We'll be back this summer, so we're excited to introduce her to friends and family.

We had a blast celebrating her birthday. We had some good friends in town, so they joined in on the celebration. A little while back, these party blowy things were in a package. Once our kids learned how to do them, they became the instant hit. And, I've decided that I like these toys because they don't make any noise. Toys that make noise were invented by people that have no children.

Since she was the birthday girl, she got to pick the meal. It was cinammon rolls and cereal. We told all the wonderful things we love about her. A few were: she's very generous, loves to serve the family by cleaning in the house, a great big sister, funny, and is full of compassion. Her latest thing is that she hates dolphins because they will eat her dress.

For lunch that day, we headed to a local Western Chinese restaraunt. It was wonderful XinJiang food. The food is much more Middle Eastern in it's taste. It was really good. They use flat bread, and when flat bread is in a meal, it's a gonna be good.

Here's our small village standing outside a local Catholic church. I'm tired of all of our pictures having our couch as our background, so here's this church is my new favorite backdrop.
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