Sunday, January 10, 2010

today I saw... and a funny adoption story

This is what my kids looked like as they got ready for bed. We don't really do pajamas in our house. I dunno, I can't seem to keep the pajama world organized, so I just deny it exists. Henceforth, we get this:

On a funny adoption note, I wanted to share what is probably my favorite comment yet. Our family and a friend were waiting at a tv station for Selah's dance performance to begin (you can rest assured that there will be a blog on this in the very near future.). So of course we acted as the opening act as all the families waited in the lobby. Pretty much everyone just stares, takes pictures of us and asks us funny questions. Our friend was holding Makaria, when she got asked this question: "So, as the baby (Makaria) gets older, will she get whiter and whiter? You know, to match the rest of her family." My friend was laughing really hard when she called me over to tell me the story. My first thought was: "She's a baby, not a chameleon!"
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