Saturday, January 02, 2010


I love this picture because it's filled with unfiltered joy. There's not a worry or concern in his body. I pray on a daily basis for this type of attitude. And I will tell you that this is not my natural disposition. For whatever reason, I lean towards cynicism and lack of joy. If the Lord had not changed my heart, I can't imagine the sarcasm and melancholy that would flow freely from my pores. Anyway back to our week.

We had to head into town for dental and medical appointments and do a few things regarding Makaria's immigrant visa. For some reason, God has decided to deal our famiy the 'do things the hard way' card. So He called us to adopt while living in China. This has added more hurdles to the adoption process than I can even explain and more than you care to read about. A simple trip to the clinic to get her medicals has turned into a two week, multiple trips to Beijing type of event. But, first we stopped at a place called Fundazzle. It's a HUGE indoor play place. What kid wouldn't love that ball pit?!

Did I mention that no taxi drivers will take our entire family now? We can still flag a taxi if half of us wait by the curb and get in the taxi. Once in, the rest of the crew ambushes the car and slams the door shut before the driver knows what hit him. Then we just shout directions at the driver and he takes off with his head in a frenzy.

We tried having pizza...closed. We tried having Ethiopian food...closed. If you've never been to China, you would not believe the amount of stores that open and close in any given month.

I definately didn't bring my 'A' game on this trip. I forgot important documents, tried to take our family to places that no longer existed and then left my immunizations on the window ledge at our hostel. (I realize that sounded weird as I typed it. Many times, we just buy our vaccinations and bring them back and have a nurse/friend inject the vaccine. I was trying to keep mine cold by putting it by the window.)

But, we made it. This is how the girls and I spent New Year's Eve. Now we are home, doing laundry and catching up. By the way, 2010 is going to be a year of joy for us. That's going to be my prayer and focus for the year....the entire year....not just January 1-5. (That's about how long my Trapper Keepers stayed organized while in school too. For the first week, I was organized and tidy. After that, it was over. I'm going to try and make it all year long this time.)

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