Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Ethiopia

First things first...yes, we were able to pick up our daughter.

But no, we will not yet post pictures until she is out of the country. She and Carrie are still in Ethiopia. Solomon, in Ecclesiastes, said whatever is done has been done before. Ooops. Apparantly not when it comes to our daughter's visa.

The law states we can get her US visa for up to 3 three years. In other words, we could come back to China, then wait to return to the States with her within three years. The standard visa is 6 months. So, when the US embassy tried to do it, the computer would not let them. So, even though the law allows up to three years, the computer system has not been programmed to allow them to put "2" years into the system (which was our request). I want to tell them, "It's the number between 1 and 3", but that would not be productive :)

She's there day to day. No idea when they will be back here.
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