Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Parents and Adoption Update

Here's a little update in our world:

My (Carrie) parents came for almost 2 weeks.  It was a fantastic trip.  I'll do a blog and photo dump soon.  We had been getting in a good rhythm to where it just felt normal to have them live so close by.  And then all of the sudden, they boarded an airplane to return home.  I.hate.goodbyes.   You'd think I'd be good at them by now, with as much as we've moved, but it seems to have just gotten harder.  

While we were with them, we got an email telling us that our adoption case might not be heard next week.  I can't even write this without getting weepy.  Bottom line is that the government thinks there might be some corruption happening in the case where the child has been abandoned.  That's our case.  While I'm excited that the government is acting quickly on corruption leads, it's hard for the parents and kids who are waiting.  I feel like I'm in the last trimester of pregnancy that seems to drag on and on and on.  I am getting antsy and I have a hard time waiting.  

But I read through Deut. 8 this morning and am so thankful to the Lord for his steadiness, his goodness and his faithfulness.  He brings us into hard situations because He loves us and wants to help us learn discipline and grow through being disciplined.  Like a good father should.  We're trusting you Lord.  You've displayed yourself in perfect timing this entire adoption process and once again we're at a place of complete lack of human control.  Thank you Lord for this opportunity to grow. 
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