Friday, May 15, 2009

Mom and Dad's visit May 2009

We had a BLAST with my parents. This was their second trip out to the Motherland. This time was nice because it was warm. This made my mom and I very happy. I can't begin to recount all the funny stories and cool things we did, but here are a few pictures to sum it all up.

This is at a local park. The goal of this little game was to stick a ratty old net into nasty bacteria-filled water and pull out a lucid, floundering or completely dead fish. The kids stayed at that station for most of the time there. Lovely.

Here's the grandparents and the kids with the Olympic FuWa's. We walked around the park, had a picnic and then rested a little that day. We had a good balance of hang time, play time and adult talk time.

My little guy thought the fish were gross and instead stayed in the ball area. Probably good, because no way one of those fish was not going to be put in his mouth.

We took a day to bring them to the Great Wall in our city. It was a little crowded becausue it was May holiday here, but we had fun. This part of the Wall is nice because it's a much easier climb.

What a cute Mom I have! All our neighbors commented on how young she looked. They also all thought that my parents should move here because the swine flu is so serious in the States. I tell them that they have jobs and our neighbors simply tell me that my parents should call into work and tell them they moved to China.

Mom, Selah and Malachi took a little rickshaw through Hou Hai in Beijing. It's a beautiful area with historic hutongs. This is after the guy chasesd us down, helped my Mom, Charis, Kesed and I find the other half of our group by giving us a free ride-stroller and all.

Dad and the kiddos as we're waiting for Mimi and the other 2 to come back from their ride.

I was so proud of my parents and their flexibility with food. They ate Chinese breakfast, street food, hot pot, Korean BBQ, local snacks, the whole deal. I was really proud of them. They also did 3 sleep-overs with 3 of the kids! What troopers.

Sweet friend, DaYu and Charis playing on the monkey bars. She came with us to Beijing and hung out for few days with the fam. It was nice too to have her there while we were all crying and trying to catch a bus home. We were a mess.

I wish I could write so much more about their trip, but I figured that if you have to continue to scroll on a blog, you're readers will no longer read. My parents are such generous, wonderful people. We're hoping it won't be as long before we see them next time. It was a sad bus ride home. We Love You!
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