Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Help us with names

So, we need your help deciding on our daughter's name.  Makaria will be her first name.  We have loved this name for a long time and now we have someone to love with that very name.  It is Greek and means "Blessed."  In the Beatitudes, the "blessed are the....", is makarias.  We took her name from there.

We love the story of Esther.  Of her courage for her people.  The way the Lord used her (also an orphan) to bring victory. Hadassah (Ha-da-sa) was Esther's Hebrew name.   I realize that this is kind of a biased poll, because both of the names "Hadassah" and "Esther" are actually the same person.  But the names are different, so we still wanted to hear what you guys thought.  And I've also always wanted to do a poll thingy on our blog.

Her Ethiopian name will also be included, but we aren't allowed to share her Ethiopian name.  In due time my friends.  We've got our court date on Friday, so we'll hopefully know something soon.

So go to the right of our blog tell us which one you like better.  

Makaria Esther ******


Makaria Hadassah ******
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