Sunday, August 31, 2008

ways we've adapted

I've just come back from being out and realized that there are many ways in which we have fully adapted to life here in the Motherland.  Here are just a few:

1.  I prefer squatty potties over Western ones.  Cleaner...really, they are. 
 Just don't look down :)

2.  I eat my bread with the paper wrapped on the bottom of it.

3.  My husband wears a wife beater.  Only inside, don't worry.  The next step is to wear it out to dinner and role it way up his chest to keep cool.  

4.  I'd rather use chopsticks.  It makes me slow down and enjoy the food.

5.  I put vinegar on everything.  But I don't yet drink it as a chaser after eating cloves of garlic. 
6.  Our family has been known to do an occasional winter time snot rocket.  Sounds gross, I  know, but when it's dirty and just works.  

7.  We can only express certain emotions in Chinese.

8.  A meal doesn't feel totally complete without rice.

9.  We feel uncomfortable wearing our outside shoes in our home.  Reinforced by the aforementioned habit #6.

10.  The China national anthem runs through our heads at random times in the day.  Especially during the Olympics.

These are just a few.  And I'll admit, I'm solo on a few of these.  Brad would want to me let everyone know that he has kept his pride on a few of these.  But he HAS fully bought into the snot rocket thing.  

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