Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Red lights?!

Yesterday, the kids and I were out doing some errands. As we were walking home, Selah noticed a line of 3-4 cars behind the stop light. She asked me "mommy, why are all those cars stopped?"

Me: "Because they have a red light."

Selah: "They've never stopped before at the red lights. Why are they obeying the law today?"

Me: "the Olympics."

And then we were in a taxi last night and she got really frustrated because we again stopped at the stop light. She was again confused. We all commented on how strange it felt to be in a stopped taxi. We just haven't stopped at a red light in a while.

I'll have to admidt though, it's a lot slower when they are obeying the laws.

One more funny Olympic transformation of our city. They just built some jails to house people who won't show the police their bags. There are cops in every bus who are checking bags. If you refuse, you spend the rest of the Olympics in jail.
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