Thursday, August 14, 2008

To Delight in God's Demands

Today, these 2 poems. Tomorrow (or soon), the explanation.

To Delight in God’s Demands

To delight in God’s demands

To obey with empty hands

Giving all we have

Owing all that He

May give what He commands

This is the joy we find

Not of the worldly kind

Taking what we must

All that we will lose

To this we were yet blind

Until Christ demanded all

Though stricken from the fall

Worthless in ourselves

Adding but our sin

Yet grace answered His call

Jesus died for every nation

That He would be our adulation

Not as water nor of bread

Neither friends nor comfort do

Let us join the celebration

Obey For Joy

How is joy a root?

In soil rich and deep

Yet also a fruit

So naturally sweet?

To what is joy a seed

That grows into a bud

Becoming the food we need

Though rising from the mud?

What shall we say to this?

A mystery I pray

The point we sometimes miss

There’s joy when we obey

There’s delight in real obedience

Not mere knowledge of what’s true

This root makes all the difference

For fruit we can not lose.

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